When it comes to your extremely limited options to advertise your cigar accessories, some of the big names in the industry think they’ve got you by the… volados.

Space is limited – you probably know
most ad space in cigar media
is already booked until 2022.

Prices can be, consequently,
prohibitive to many.

With solid bookings at these prices,
they believe they offer the best value
and ability to reach the entire
cigar smoking audience, but…

Many haven’t kept up with the
latest digital and on-premise options
you’ve seen in other consumer
products for a decade or more.

Have you ever caught
yourself staring at a TV
just because it’s on,
even while chatting
with friends?

When you shop
and socialize,
you stare at
what’s moving
without thinking.

For decades, options have been limited to things like
print ads, sales reps, in-store signage, websites,
spokespeople, programmatic digital,
social, and trade shows.

But there’s a
brand new opportunity to
target your most desired customers
more effectively.

You can be seen over and over
by your target audience
while they socialize and relax
for a LOWER price per
impression than any other legal
option with [ETG] Digital Signage.

Pushing hard on social?


But you can enhance brand
authority to complement
your social media strategy
by appearing in-store on
digital signage, too.

Use your screen time to spark conversation
at the lounge – and your brand will be strongly
associated with good memories with friends.

For less than the cost of print
ads and PPC¹ by CPM²,
you can be seen
millions of times by your
ideal customers in their
favorite place.

1 PPC – pay per click / programmatic digital ads
2 CPM – cost per mille (cost per thousand impressions)

Placements are filling up fast.

Sign up today and lock in your
lifetime discount rates and
your place in the future of
psychology-driven, in-store
cigar smoker marketing.

*Limited availability. First come, first served.
Once discount placements have been acquired by
our first advertisers, this offer will no longer be available.