ETG’s Digital Signage Advertising in Cigar Shops & Smoking Lounges

Our Offer

We provide the most direct way for cigar and cigar-related brands to advertise to the consumer to increase brand recognition efficiently, with a precisely targeted audience.

Diversify your digital marketing efforts to widen your reach. Earn the attention of your customers and retain their interest with impactful and engaging content.

Partner with us to stay ahead of your competitors. Benefit from our extensive national network and innovation to promote and advertise your brand and your products.

“Digital signage is the most effective marketing tool for leveraging growth inside of a brick-and-mortar venue. This effectiveness is further improved by the integration of additional channels and customer touchpoints.”

They Trust Us

See What Makes The Difference

Exact Audience Targeting

We enable your brand to advertise and drive marketing campaigns to exact audiences – cigar enthusiasts, shop owners and employees.

Customer Engagement

Good content truly enhances customer engagement, by informing, educating, entertaining or inspiring your audience, which in turn leads to brand recognition and increased sales.


High Message Retention

Use of short, sharp, memorable and repeated content makes 47% of audiences retain the information they receive from digital signs after 30 days.

Point of Purchase Presence

An important part of buying decisions are made in-store. We enable your brand to inspire and persuade clients at the place it matters the most.

Eye-Catching Content

Screens are hard to disregard, and video is far more engaging than stills. When you shop and socialize, you stare at what’s moving without thinking.


Additional Marketing Channel

You want your business to reach your customers in as many ways as possible. Our digital signage solution creates a new place where you interact with them.