The Benefits of Diversifying Your Advertising Portfolio with Digital Signage

Creating an efficient advertising plan that is well-rounded, strategic, and relevant is no easy feat.

Channel diversification allows you to effectively reach your audience, share content across multiple platforms, and remain agile with the upcoming digital trends.

Everything has gone digital, so it’s no surprise that businesses use digital signage for marketing their company and products, and for good reason.

We offer a fantastic solution to help advertise your brand through our digital signage network dedicated to the cigar world. You provide the advertising collateral, and we take care of the programming and the broadcasting. Soon your brand will be visible at the best cigar shops and smoking lounges across the United States, on eye-catching digital sign displays.

If you’re looking to enhance your advertising plan, consider these essential benefits to including digital signage:

It Provides a New Channel to Engage with Your Customers

Ideally, you want your business to reach your customers in as many ways a possible. Adding our digital signage solution to your advertising portfolio creates a new place where your brand interacts with them.

It Provides a New Channel to Engage with Your Customers

It Creates a Unique Customer Experience

Indoor digital signage provides a memorable experience to your customers. They feel more engaged with your brand overall because they can instantly learn about your company and your products. Your customers have a more immersive experience in-store and an increase in overall satisfaction.

It’s Eye-Catching

Advertising is all about making your brand stand out against every other. With our digital signage solution, your brand is immediately more visible, increasing brand awareness and recall.

Have you ever caught yourself staring at a TV just because it’s on, even while chatting with friends?

When you shop and socialize, you stare at what’s moving without thinking.

It’s Eye-Catching

Drive More Sales In-Store

A combination of crisp text, images and videos strongly influence purchasing decisions, especially since most of your client’s purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.

Because digital signs are eye-catching, versatile, and can sync with your business’s social media accounts, inevitably, digital signs lead to more sales.

That’s why the best marketers out there include digital signs as part of their well-rounded marketing budget. The more customers that learn about your brand, means more people are engaging with it, and that means you are generating more revenue.

Furthermore, if your customers have a better shopping experience (i.e., learning about your business or connecting with social media through digital signage), they are more likely to make significant purchases.

Sync up with Your Social Media, and Other Channels

These days social media plays a critical role in business marketing. Digital signs are designed to support social media, by allowing your business to sync its accounts with the display. You can even display posts from your customers when they tagged themselves interacting with your products. It goes a long way in building relationships with your customers as they become involved with your brand, and showing off their social media posts is a great way to do that.

Sync up with Your Social Media, and Other Channels

If you are looking to include digital signs in your marketing portfolio, you’re not alone. From an advertising perspective, digital signs offer multiple benefits to business owners, including minimizing costs, providing your customers with a unique experience, and increasing sales.

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