Exact Targeting Group LLC
Premium Cigar Association (PCA)

We provide you with a free display for the streaming of quality curated content focused on premium cigars.

Totally Free of Charge

Displays and players are offered free of charge to PCA Retailer Members; we also pay for their installation on premises.

You are not, and will not be, charged for this service.
No hacks, no hidden costs.

Broadcast Your Own Content

As a PCA Retailer Member, you can update your own content that is broadcast locally, by means of our easy-to-use content management interface, such as featured products, special offers, upcoming events and more.

You can even use all or part of your media slots to advertise for other businesses.

Increase Your Sales

Increasing brand recognition helps your customers make choices when purchasing products, including cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and take advantage of a promotion.

Digital signage is the most effective marketing tool for leveraging growth inside of a brick-and-mortar venue.

Better Customer Experience

Enhance your customers’ overall experience by offering them quality content while they are in your cigar store or having a good time in the smoking lounge.

The content is broadcast without sound so as not to distract or disturb the audience.

Sample Content

Exact Targeting Group acquires and distributes tobacco-related quality curated content.


Josh Evarts, owner and tobacconist (The Vault, Meridian ID) speaks highly of ETG’s solution.

About Us

Exact Targeting Group LLC or [ETG] is a company founded by cigar enthusiasts having its registered offices at 1601 Elm St Fl 33, Dallas TX 75201, USA.

ETG has created a win-win platform that fosters a mutually beneficial partner network between cigar brands, cigar shops & smoking lounges and customers.

We are pleased to partner with the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) and Retailers across the United States to strengthen our core business – Serving the Cigar Industry.

ETG is committed to expanding its range of products and services exclusive to PCA Retailer Members to bring more value to the industry as a whole. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at any time by email at info@exact-targeting-group.com.

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