What Is Digital Signage

Digital signage is defined as “a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences”.

Digital Signage Illustration

We deliver a free specialized ecosystem that integrates digital signage and dynamic content, pursuing initially the following goals:

  • Allowing retail locations to improve customer experience and loyalty using digital channels
  • Connecting, engaging and educating cigar aficionados by providing quality curated content
  • Enabling to advertise and drive marketing campaigns to exact audiences

How to Benefit from Our Solution

Our enrollment process is as follows:

  • Simply get in touch with us
  • Receive and sign our digital service contract online
  • We order your hardware and contact you to schedule the on-site installation
  • Your account is activated, and your screen starts to display alternately branded, non-branded and store-specific content
  • Update your own content at your convenience by means of our easy-to-use and secure content management interface


Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions. Our representatives are happy to assist you with any further requests.

Is it completely free for points of sale?

Our solution is financed by private funds and by the sale of advertising. Displays and players are offered free of charge to selected points of sale; we also pay for their installation on premises.
Points of sale are not, and will not be, charged for this service. No hacks, no hidden costs.

Is there a minimum contract duration?

Retailers undertake to distribute Exact Targeting Group’s content for a minimum period of 24 months, sign a service contract and accept a penalty as compensation in case the contract is terminated before its term.

Where can the digital signage solution be used?

In any selected tobacco retail location operating under a valid tobacco license granted by local, state or federal authorities, depending on the location of the business and nature of tobacco related activity.

In which part of the retail location can a display be installed?

To guarantee better value to consumers and a more effective reach, we recommend that our content be visible in the smoking lounge area of your establishment, but it is possible to install a screen in the store area.

What are the prerequisites for the installation?

Prerequisites for the installation of our solution are two electrical outlets (one for the screen, one for the player) and a wireless network connection for software updates and content synchronization via the Internet.
The supplied tilting flat screen wall mount is intended to be installed on a standard framed wall (metal studs, wooden studs and drywall). Installations in corners or on a surface other than a standard drywall are not included.
The HDMI cable for the connection of the media player to the screen and a power strip are supplied with the mounting kit.

Are there several screen sizes available?

We are offering screens in sizes 43”, 50” and 55”. Choose the size that best suits your establishment.

Can I receive and install several displays?

Apart from exceptional cases, each retail location can only receive one (1) display.

Is my information and content secure?

Data is encrypted while in transit across the Internet. Failures are recovered automatically, and data stored on redundant storage is backed up at least every four hours.

What is store-specific content?

As a partner point of sale, you can update your own content that is broadcast locally, by means of our easy-to-use and secure content management interface, such as featured products, promotions, upcoming events and more.

What is branded content?

This refers to advertising content produced by cigar and cigar-related brands or their marketing agencies. It is obvious that Exact Targeting Group does not advertise on behalf of points of sale, whether they are brick and mortar or online stores.

What is non-branded content?

Exact Targeting Group acquires and distributes tobacco-related curated content that is not advertising.

What is the duration of a loop?

A loop should have a duration of around 15-20 minutes and will not exceed 30 minutes.

How much store-specific content can I upload?

The total number of 10-second media slots dedicated to your point of sale is up to 10.

How often will store-specific content be broadcast?

Your content is played twice during the loop. The 10 slots are displayed consecutively, in the order you have defined. This allows you to broadcast sequences such as Specials (title), Special1, Special2, Special3 or Upcoming Events (title), Event1, Event2, Event3.

How many ads will be displayed?

We make a point of broadcasting more non-branded content than advertisements.

What media types are supported?

Our platform currently allows to display images, videos and web content on your screens. To ensure optimal quality, we require a resolution of 1920×1080 (full HD) for images and videos.

What is the network usage?

Bandwidth usage is optimized. Unlike streaming solutions, our content is downloaded locally to the player during updates, typically during off-peak hours. We do however recommend an unlimited data connection.

What are the copyright restrictions and regulations?

Content shall always comply with the rules and regulations applicable. You are responsible for following the laws in force for the store-specific content you publish locally.

Who installs the displays?

Our service partner offers professional installation services in businesses across the country. The equipment will be properly wired, mounted, and tested on your premises.

How long after signing the contract does it take for the installation to be completed?

Usually, between 2-4 weeks, depending on whether the hardware is available in a warehouse near you and your availability for on-site installation.

How is the on-site installation organized?

As soon as your contract is signed and information about your chosen screen size and Wi-Fi network is collected, we will proceed with the configuration of your media player, order the hardware and organize the installation on site with our partner service.
Installations generally take place during the week, in the morning between 7am and 1pm or in the afternoon between noon and 8pm, at your convenience.

How can I get support?

With any subscription, you get access to the point of sale administration site, online resources and contact information for email and phone support.